Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Change of Plan . . . .

A whole month without blogging - yes I do have a decent explanation though, honest!  After much head-scratching, soul-searching (well, just a little bit!), humming and ahhhh . . . ing, and all manner of other metaphors, I have finally decided to lay 'Tweed Delights' to rest. Eventually the retail side of my tweedie crafting antics has gradually petered out, just as my interest in a much wider range of crafts eg. crochet, embroidery, sock-knitting, fair isle knitting, etc. has expanded.  

So no more 'Tweed Delights' - my website has gone, but I now hope to continue with my crafting and blogging.  The journey continues, but in a slightly different direction!  Perhaps I will now get time to line this tweed jacket I made over 20 years ago - it has hung in my wardrobe all that time (how's that for a W.I.P.  - work in progress, hehe).  I'd also love to make another pair of these Egyptian Socks by Nancy Bush, which I knitted last Winter - I'm thinking another pair in red and white this time - they were such a joy to make : )

So no more online selling, but lots more personal crafting to come I hope :)

October Holidays seem a long way ago now, but we enjoyed ours anyway.  A lovely visit to Glasgow preceded by a chilled out week at home, being vaguely domesticated.  Scones, crochet, and big mugs of tea . . . .

Well, must dash now and catch up with eight years of housework! Yikes, yes, eight years since Tweed Delights started - where did that time go?? :)  Anyway, I'm pleased how things have evolved and I'm looking forward to a smooth transaction from craft retail to . . . . well, more crafting adventures - wherever they take me!  I'll keep you update here at any rate :) :)

(I have accrued a huge amount of crafty skills over the past few years - my thoughts right now are how to maintain and adapt these skills, to share them perhaps - lots of Tweed Thoughts!)

Cheerio an Drasda, and see you soon I hope :)
Alison x

P.S.  A HUGE thankyou to all my lovely customers/friends, over the last few years - you are the BEST! xx


Gaia said...

Looking forward to see your new creations, and best of luck.

june at noon said...

Sometimes when I look back at my earliest blog posts, and my earliest "products" to what I am making and writing about now, I'm amazed at how much I (and my craft) have changed in such a short time. I think it's often the nature of us creative types. :) It makes sense, though, to focus on where you're already spending your time anyway, rather than feeling guilty that you're not doing something you "should" be. Because ultimately this is about you enjoying the making, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Alison,
A difficult decision for you after the years of work you have given but you sound positive which is brilliant.
I join you on your new journey and really look forward to all your craft makes.
Best wishes

Claire said...

Good to hear you'll still be in blog land Alison. Although my visits are rather infrequent these days, it's still nice to catch up and see what you've been up to.
8 years is a long time to be blogging, well done. Have loved reading your posts and seeing what you've been up to.
Your jacket looks lovely, I do hope you get around to lining it and those socks are amazing. A red and white pair would look fab.
Look forward to reading more of your Tweed Thoughts.......xx

Swirlyarts said...

Good luck with the new direction :)