Monday, 24 March 2014

Much tweedieness . . .

It's all about the tweed the last wee while . . . making up for lost time???  I don't know, but I seem had to have set on the idea of filling my Big Cartel shop with a variety of tweedie gifts, as opposed to doing craft fairs at the moment (too much pressure!) - there's so much I want to make :) :)

I had a request from a family member to make some cushion covers first though this week - they're quite time consuming and I had other lovely, new 'tweedie'  ideas I wanted to try, so I got to work on them straight away . . .

I'll hopefully make another one to sell in my shop though too, so it was good practice to make these ones!  They have a flap closure on the reverse for easy removal of the cushion inner.  They use a lot of tweed - so not my cheapest product (this stuff is like gold dust - very pricey!).  It's worth it though ;-)

As soon as they were done, I wanted to have a go at making some 'tweedie' Easter cards, and here they are . . .

No text, just tweedieness, hehe!  I put the little blurb about Harris Tweed on the reverse of the cards . . . 

And finally, the 'tweedie' eggs - I did say I hoped to have a batch of them ready to show you - a lot of work to get them looking nice and 'egg' shaped' but I think it was worth it, I'm pleased with how they turned out - or rather rolled out, as they seem to be doing below! :)

It was lovely and sunny here yesterday so I got a nice pic of this one outside at the back of the house . . .

I was going to get a shot of all the eggs together but it didn't quite happen - they weren't playing ball and wouldn't sit nice and still in the branches of the trees I was going to photograph them in!  Well, they're a bit rotund and they rolled about a bit too much - naughty eggs!!

Well, from no tweed for months to a whole load of tweed - it's feast or famine here LOL :)

I will try and be back soon with a 'tweedie' egg as a Giveaway prize, before the Easter break hopefully - I need to recover a little from this burst of activity! - pheeeew, later gaters :)

Alison xx

Monday, 17 March 2014

Eggs is eggs . . .

After making the matryoshka softie last week, I was still dabbling around with my fabrics and stuffing.  I started playing around with the idea of making Harris Tweeds eggs - yes, you heard that right :) :) Well, Easter is on the horizon and although I don't always make seasonal products, it's nice to make something that would make a fun, appropriate gift with a difference!

I scented the second one I made with some lavender,  so it's soft, squishy, and smells nice too . . .

Still a little in 'prototype' mode, but they look quite pretty perched on a dressing table, particularly if they're scented.  The one above has a linen backing which is probably how I'll make any future ones.  I'm waiting for a little batch of ribbon in the post today (I'm trying to use as much of my current supplies as possible but my ribbon stash is very low!) and apart from getting some more stuffing,  I'm ready to break some more eggs!

Nice to have a new product to work on though -  I think they would make a nice alternative to yet MORE chocolate!  Hope to have a little batch of them to show you soon :)

Perhaps I'll try to make an extra one to giveaway on my blog - watch this space!

Happy Monday!
Alison x

P.S.  Just updated my post with the new 'ribbon' egg :) :)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Off the radar, completely . . . . ooops :)

Oooops, I appear to have taken an unplanned break from my blog - too much knitty stuff, a little sorting out, a little mid-term break in Glasgow - all good things :) :)  Well, almost all good - I have been without my internet connection for a whole ten days - can you imagine!!  We're all better now though - pheeeew :)

At last I can show you some 'tweedie' creativity - a little matryoshka doll, made almost from pure frustration without my connection to the rest of the planet ie. internet!  Well, something good came from it . .

She's a 'tweedie' girl with a 'tweedie' heart, hehe :)

You can just see my woodland garland behind her above, and more below . . .

More close-up shots, I tried to get her 'good' side ;-) . . . 

Not sure where she's headed yet ie. Etsy or not?  She may mark the start of some tweedie stock-making - we'll see :) :)  No craft fairs planned so far this year - I think I'll just pitch up a tent in the garden to sell my 'tweedie' wares - wouldn't that be fun!!  Perhaps not in the rain though :)  

(Must admit she certainly re-kindled my interest in softie-making though - time to get the stuffing out again, yaaay!!)

Alison x