Thursday, 14 January 2016

A very late start!

Oooops, I seem to have missed the beginning of 2016 - at least where my blog is concerned!  Happy Belated New Year anyway :)  Hope you had nice festivities - it's a distant memory now!

I'm back crafting to my heart's content.  The sewing machine is still dormant but I've been busy with some knitting designs.  After making some tweed i-Phone sleeves at the end of the year I thought it might be fun to make some knitted equivalent ones as I had the correct sizing anyway.

I'm currently working with this design chart from one of my fair isle reference books.  I played around with the number of stitches required to give me the right width of knitted fabric, now that I know that, I'm having fun with different patterns.  Here's the current one . . .

I've chosen a button for the closure already, as you can see!

Another pic taken later on today . . . 

The colours look quite different as it was dark when I took this photo - ahhhh, Winter - the days are too short!

Here's a sleeve I finished last week . . . 

I'm just using my stash of acrylic yarn for these as I have a good colour selection.  This second one has been added to my website.

I'll show the finished top one at the weekend.  Next task is to design my own fair isle chart which I'm looking forward to - lots of possibilities!  The woven texture of fair isle knitting gives the fabric extra strength and density which is an added bonus :)

Good to be back crafting in 2016 - I didn't get round to making New Year resolutions this time - maybe I will before the end of the month! (along with a little pile of fair isle phone sleeves maybe!!)

Have a lovely weekend :)
Alison x


Gaia said...

Happy new year Alison!!
What lovely knitting.., I do like the design and the colours of the second one in the making.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love the colours!