Friday, 26 September 2008

Etsy - eek!

I have taken one step further with my Etsy endeavours and added a link to my Etsy Shop. Yes, I know - there's nothing in it! But this is a step nearer ... these things take time! (We're on Hebridean time, don't you know!) If anyone has any tips, comments, observations re Etsy trading before I take the plunge, they would be very welcome! Should I just jump?


Eva said...

I suggest you prepare yourself to start filling orders and shipping these. Check whether you have all your "Thank You" notes, business cards, little freebies (all that you`d like to include to your package). And please check and double check shipping rates - these are important!
And because everything on etsy is in USD, just take a look at your currency rate :)
Otherwise - jumping is good! No reason to hold yourself back, cause being emotional is always great!

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Eva - thanks so much for your advice. Much appreciated! I've just been visiting your blog, admiring your work - gorgeous.