Saturday, 20 September 2008


I came across this work of art (Ha! Ha!) which I created in my primary school - must have been aged 9 or 10. It made me laugh when I came across it and I had a very strong memory of the feeling of dissapointment when I had finished the project. I realised the buttons on my cross-stitch piece were out of alignment - what a dissa! I was quite surprised at how clear the recollection I had of making the piece was - quite weird, but I must have toiled over it and was possibly my first completed needlework project. Funnily enough, I've done very little cross-stitch since!

Have you any memories, pics of your early creations? (P.S. Yes, I know her face is bright pink! - the school budget can't have allowed for the inclusion of 'flesh-tone' shades!)

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Sarah WM said...

Yes.....I remember making a blue felt needle case - like a book with blue gingham pages. It had an embroidered flower on the front. I am not a great needlewoman, but I still have it in the tin where I keep buttons, thread and random needlework associated "stuff"!