Saturday, 18 October 2008

Dress a Doll Project?

I've been making little souvenir Harris Tweed dressed dolls for a while now. The only problem with them is that the body of the doll is quite time consuming to make and the entire product is difficult to price for that reason. I removed them from my original shop a while ago. I've always been interested in making soft toy kits of some kind or another, however.

I stripped some of my souvenir dolls of their little Harris Tweed outfits and though it would be fun to make a kit and enclose enough tweed to make a simple outfit. A couple of felt circles would serve as buttons, and I'm thinking of some other trims to add such as ribbon, etc to encourage a bit of creativity! Simple enough for a young child to put together with some adult supervision.

I had some fun today designing some packaging for them and composing a little blurb on the reverse on how to dress your doll. Unfortunately it was so late in the afternoon, I had lost the time to take a good photograph, as you can see! I think they would be fun to either sell on my Etsy shop or at local craft fairs, or maybe I should try them out on my nieces first!

I'll post a little message here if I get it together to put some in my Etsy shop - once I figure out how to do it!! The five teddies I set myself to make over the October break are now ready so I'll post a picture of them next week. Maybe a giveaway is in order to celebrate - yikes!!

(You can click on any of the images to see a larger view)

You can see a better pic with some of my doodles here!


Muddlepud said...

I really like this idea. You've done the majority of the work, so it's not a complicated project but just enough for a kiddo to get to be creative and feel like they've made something. And enough for mom or dad to have a fun project without it being way too involved. You could even sell additional "add on" packages with more bits and bobs for making extra outfits. Neat idea!

Lisa M. Dalton said...

Looks like a good idea for the kiddies. I'm heading off to check out your etsy store!