Monday, 13 October 2008

Flickr faves (cos I'm still on my hols!)

Here's a selection of my favourites from my Flickr travels, so far. (It took me long enough to figure out how to do this!!). And I must say that "Toasty Cat" by Marjji must be my all time favourite - what a photo, what a pose .... what a cat!!

1. Genau Von Stimmt, 2. ermelinda e florinda, 3. Fish, 4. Mabel and Melinda, 5. Felted Wool Pear, 6. eenie :), 7. Flame Skimmer, 8. Undies!, 9. Gang of Kindie-Garden Plush Dolls5, 10. Halloween Kitties, 11. my bat minions, 12. Doll outside, 13. Toasty Cat, 14. Rex, 15. ...(by matilde beldroega), 16. Ingrid

I used "fd's flickr toys" to create this mosaic, and inserted the html for each photo individually as I had numerous other attempts using my entire "favourites" selection - some images appeared blank for some reason. (If anyone else has problems doing this I'd be happy to assist because it really drove me nuts!!)

Bye for Now
Oidhche Mhath!


Muddlepud said...

Great picks! These are all super cute. The Undies! one makes me giggle! They're all so sweet it's hard to pick a favorite.

Tweed Delights said...

Thank you! Flickr is such an amazing site - so many cool creations. I'm a bit awestruck by it all!