Thursday, 5 February 2009

Finished 2D Dino

I thought I might as well post a pic of the finished dinosaur, seeing as my previous pic gives a little bit of the inspiration behind my dinosaur designs. I was quite pleased how he turned out and adapted a previous pattern and in fact bits of other patterns came into use. I hand appliqued his features in wool felt and then decided to give the feet some shaping with two rows of stitches in favour of further applique claws. I think the stitching gave a bit of texture too.

I'm hoping to do some more in different colours/variations. He's designed to sit at the end of a child's bed or on a bedroom chair (although he likes a cuddle too!). He's almost two dimensional as he's blank on the reverse. I've been trying to design a pattern which would be simple enough to use over again, so we'll see how this one goes! It would be fun to customise, add different applique details - maybe pink hearts on a pink dinosaur for girls!

It would be fun to try him in a check/tartan tweed - I don't know why but I seem to have this vision of a tartan dinosaur!

So many plans!


Jennifer Rose said...

He looks great! There are so many tartans you could have so many differently coloured dinos :D

Swirlyarts said...

He is wonderful and he would look great as a Tartan Dinosaur. Ooooooh make one please :)

Muddlepud said...

I love this guy!