Thursday, 26 February 2009

our creative space! . . .

Getting some orders through this week, so my creative space is a scattered affair as usual. My creative space tends to blend in with the family space as these photos show! That's my little boy's 'road play-mat' underneath my pink tweed and templates, ready to make a couple of personalised teddy bears.

. . . and above, a general 'guddle' (think that's Scottish for mess!!) of craft books, half-made ladybird softie, pink tweed, my 'stuffing stick', yummy wool . . . and the interesting looking red piece of cardboard in the foreground? Well, that's part of my son's 'Viking' project - my other half got together with him to make this mask which he thoroughly enjoyed wearing.

It's nothing on the model Viking boat my 'other half' is building in our kitchen!! But that's another story - it's become the project of all projects. If I ask him nicely maybe he'll let me post a pic of it when it's done - if it ever is done!! As 'Little S' quipped - "maybe it'll be finished by Christmas, Dad!"

Bye for Now!

P.S. More creative spaces over at kootoyoo!


Jennifer Rose said...

guddle I've been told has to do with tickling fish when poaching but can be used to describe a mess too
no wonder I have a hard time with Scot's word sometimes lol

Kirsty said...

I love a "guddle" it sounds much more creative than mess!

Muddlepud said...

It's a beautiful mess ... er, a beautiful guddle. ;)