Sunday, 1 March 2009

Breakfast and Bears

I must have enjoyed these crepes we made this morning because there's a great big bite out of one of them - so much for my arty, culinary shot!!

I spent some time yesterday making a couple of these little bears (both in baby pink Tweed) which were to be personalised - ordered through Not on the High Street. I'm starting to get a trickle of orders through from this website again which is great news.

It's getting to that time of year where gift shops are gettting busier, craft fairs are starting and thankfully my own website rejigging doesn't seem to have harmed it's indexing in Google. The big question as always on the business front of things is where to put in the most work. It's difficult to concentrate on all three and I'd always like the time to try out new projects and just to make things purely for the enjoyment of it.

But how to find the time - there's the quandary!

Happy Sunday!


Swirlyarts said...

I really wish I liked crepes/pancakes but I don't - pity as they look delicious!

Jennifer Rose said...

Lemon on crepes? o.0 is it not really sour? they look good though

its always hard to jiggle time to work each part of my business. need more time in the day. I've been spending more time with my blog and commenting on other blogs and it seems to be working all right. still wish I had more time to draw.