Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Spring in the Air!

I woke up to a beautiful Spring morning here in the Outer Hebrides today - but as we're prone to having four seasons in one day here, it almost looks like snow now!!

I managed to squeeze in making some of these scrummy fabric buttons yesterday. I'm on a bit of a drive at the moment to have days strictly set aside for my crafts, domestic stuff and of course my part-time office job. You've got to make time to create - right??!

If I manage to get them all packaged up they may make their way to my Etsy shop to add a bit of colour!

Hope you're having a nice day.

(Ooops -sun's out again!!)


Sarah Mac said...

Love the buttons....might even have to go back to my knitting roots, so have something to sew some on! Sun still out

Jennifer Rose said...

it was really nice here today :) could see right to the mountains, sky was nice and clear. I'm so glad spring is finally here, and we are getting a few surprises in the lawn with all the flowers that we had no idea where there.