Monday, 16 March 2009

The First Daffie and Other Stuff!

I spotted this poor little specimen today in the garden being bashed about by the wind and rain! One of these miniature species which I don't really think is designed for our harsh climate - but it was holding it's own.

The ones on my kitchen table are a bit more sturdy looking. Some of 'Little S's' art work on the wall behind - I think this is a scary/funny Ninja type creature! I wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night.

This is him striking a pose in his classroom at school, where they are doing a project on Vikings at the moment - he seems to be throwing himself into the part!! He's bent double because the woolly cloak would fall off otherwise - well that's what he told me. I thought he was just mucking about - can't think why!!!

He's wearing various items they made for the project - all at the same time of course! (photograph courtesy of his school teacher)

Happy Monday : )

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Jennifer Rose said...

the viking outfit looks great :D our daffodils have come up but haven't blossomed yet. I'm just shocked they have come up at all lol