Wednesday, 25 March 2009

our creative space . . .

How I wish I could show you lovely piles of beautiful fabric in nice, tidy shelving storage and a wonderful, spacious work space with everything to hand. Sorry, I was having a little dream there - now back to the real world!! (and the kitchen).

I've just finished making this stripey, red and white sail for 'Little S's' Viking project - yes, he's got me involved in it too! He came home from school yesterday insisting that his teacher (more or less!) instructed me to make one. I think he was exaggerating a little (like most 7 year olds do!)

Anyway, I managed to whip one up without too much hassle from a square of red felt and machine stitched white felt strips on to either side, so it's stripey on both sides of the sail. I was quite impressed with my own impulsive ingenuity! It was very easy to make. You can see in the foreground there, one of the little wooden shields - my 'other half' cut out individual wooden circles for all the kids in the class to paint in their own design. (The shields slot on to the boat with a little wooden hook on the back - very ingenious)

The red and white felt actually looks really nice against the natural wood of the boat, especially now it's been varnished. I'm going to post a picture of the finished model boat, sail and all, once it's finished, as I feel I've earned my small part in this great creation and soon I might even get my kitchen back to it's .... ahem .... former glory!

Meanwhile, I've been making some Harris Tweed/ 'kawaii' fabric 'Easter' eggs which I'll post later on, if I manage to do a second post!!

More wonderful creativity over at 'Kirsty's'.


Jennifer Rose said...

that boat is coming along great! the red and white sails do look good next to the wood :)

Angie said...

Wow, that is an amazing project! Of course my son caught a glimpse of it & now wants me to build a viking boat....YIKES!

Kirsty said...

The boat looks wonderful.