Thursday, 26 March 2009

Something Old, Something New

. . . a fresh batch of tweedy butterflies, ready to go to the local Gallery shop (also available at

and for something new . . . fabric eggs (Harris Tweed and Japanese cotton), just ready for Easter:

I've been going a bit made with my Japanese fabric of late - but I love it! I have a few ideas in mind of different ways I'd like to integrate it with my Harris Tweed. These eggs are now available in my own website.

. . . and because I meant to add them to my previous post, here's the cute shields which 'Little S's' school pals painted to add to the Viking model boat. I think they're lovely!

Cheerio an Drasda!


Carolyn said...

Good egg idea! I too love Japanese fabric.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

These butterflies are adorable. What a cute project. I never would have thought to use tweed. Nice idea!

Jennifer Rose said...

the eggs are great for easter :D

they did a good job with those shields :)