Sunday, 15 March 2009

A Little Tidier!

I thought I'd add this pic to my blog today to show that I can be a 'little bit tidy' when I'm working! I bought these lovely wicker baskets a while ago to display my work at craft fairs, but they've come in quite handy to store my WIPs. I hope to be ready of these little critters soon so I can embark on some new work.

I have some rag dolls in mind, which I haven't done for a while - I'd like to try my new found 'basic embroidery' techniques on the faces as a little challenge for myself. I've found some of the 'art dolls' on Flickr really inspiring and I've started seeing 'rag dolls' in a new light altogether. It's all an educating experience for me!

Bye for Now!

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Jennifer Rose said...

always nice to be organized (no matter how long it last :p) wicker baskets come in so handy to store so many things and don't look ugly in a room too