Monday, 30 March 2009

Thoughts of a Giveaway . . .

Seeing that I'm mostly doing domestic stuff today (and I didn't think you'd appreciate photos of my laundry pile!!) I went out to see if there was anything inspirational outside. The only thing I came across was some little blue flowers peeking out in one of my much neglected plant pots. I love the colour of these flowers - it's such a vivid blue. In true Hebridean style, they're being bashed about by the wind, so sorry for the blurred pic!

. . . and here's something I'm finding inspiring inside

. . . some more Japanese fabric and this lovely book I bought last summer which I might pick up when I've got a minute, later today. It has some great practical tips on running a crafts business and although it's an American publication it's got universal appeal in its down to earth approach. I liked the interviews with Makers at the end of each paragraph. You can never have too many 'how to run a craft business' books, but at the end of the day it's mostly trial and error!

A week from today, next Monday, is my one year bloggiversary. I can't believe it's been a year! I am having thoughts of a Giveaway to celebrate so I hope to get a little bundle of 'tweedy' goodies together this week. We are on Easter hols at the moment and what I don't do this week won't get done next, as we have lots of lovely family coming up on holiday. But hopefully, by next Monday I will be blogging about a Giveaway - there I've said it now!! Yikes!

Hope you're having a Happy Monday!


Jennifer Rose said...

Looks like a nice book :)

year has gone really fast :D been really enjoying your blog this past year :)

laurabucci said...

I haven't read that one but a Canadian one that I thought was pretty good is "The Boss of You". Written by two Canadian small business women.