Thursday, 5 February 2009

my creative space

Sorry, I'm rather late with my posting today - trying to get the house warmed up (dodgy heating system again!). My creative space today is a bit non-existent today as I finished my project last night and should have taken some pics in mid-creation! I guess I was carried away with the desire to finish it.

However, I've taken a pic of him this morning along with some of the images which inspired him. Having two boys, there are never any shortage of dinosaur reference books in our house, so I've spent some time poring through pictures of various types - not that I'm an expert mind, I'm more interested in stuffing them, than identifying them!

The vintage patterns in the photo are ones which I treasure and managed to buy them from E-bay, much to my delight. I create my own patterns but these have been inspirational sitting on my desk and I've probably used elements of them, almost unwittingly! My softie dinosaur obsession has probably been spurred on by being surrounded by them in one form or another for the last few years, and they're great for creating dramatic 'softie' silhouettes.

You can see more creative spaces at kootoyoo's blog.

Hope you're having a good day!


Swirlyarts said...

I love seeing others creative spaces. I should post some of my own soon when I get round to creating again!

ChichiBoulie said...

gosh your space looks very tidy. i don't ever show mine as well, it's a disaster!

Love the dino!

Anonymous said...

Love how cute that dinosaur is!

Kirsty said...

That dino is super cute & I love that you're showing the beginnings too.