Thursday, 27 May 2010

Merry Go Round - May

It's 'Merry Go Round' time once again - a group of crafters/artists from around the world, discuss a chosen theme every month, to exchange ideas, viewpoints, etc.

This month we are discussing: "What do you do to network? In what ways does it work or not work?"

This is probably quite an appropriate theme for me as I spent all last weekend getting lost in the 'innards' of the beast, formerly known as Facebook!! I did emerge unscathed from my sojourn into this wonderous, mysterious, and slightly befuddling land, but unfortunately it resulted in a very large laundry pile, and some other unfinished household tasks - there's always a price to pay!

It's been fun though, and I've managed to link up with lots of lovely local people, which I'm delighted about! So, yes, I would say it was worth the exertion (and the build-up of domestic chores!!)

Apart from Facebook, I've been an avid user of Twitter, which I find to be great fun and I think it's an excellent way for people who are working for themselves to socialise too! You can bounce ideas around Twitter, ask questions, get feedback - all immediately. Also advertise your craft fairs, or whatever - a very effective way of communication, particularly if you connect with people in your area, which I think is really important.

My blog in itsef, I see as a great interactive tool and brilliant for linking up with other crafters - nice to be able to give some background information on yourself too, which I think people enjoy (well, after all my ramblings, I hope they do!!) It's a great support network too - which I love, it spurs you on in your creative pursuits in an amazing way!

Flickr is a fantastic, creative place to spend some time, and show your creations to all those who use this site. I've really enjoyed using it and get some nice feedback about my work. But, really, I just like to go and drool over the wonderful things that people have made - I could get lost there for hours!! I recently purchased an artwork, which I caught site of on Flickr - so it does work as a network tool!

Craft fairs can be good for networking and I've gleaned some knowledge from attending some - sales-wise, they can be hit or miss.

. . . and sometimes, in between all that, I even get some time to make stuff, hehe!!! :D (But, after re-reading this post, I'm beginning to wonder when?????!!!!!)

Well, I'm not sure if I've answered the question correctly - I've been so busy networking this week, I can hardly keep my eyes open, hehe! Please read the responses from the other lovely ladies in the group below. Some may be posting at different times of the day, depending on world time zones.

Bye for Now - z z zzzzzzzzz :)

Mitsy at ArtMind
Kim at Vilt a la Kim
Sara at Saras Texture Crafts
Fabienne at Easterya Jewellery
Mariana at Florcita
Agathe at Le Bar du Vent
Lily at Lily Pang Art and Design
Ruth at Birdland Creations

Apologies for not getting back to my Creative Space comments yet, but I will do at the weekend - honest! x

P.S. I am posting a little early as I have to go to my 'other job' and I haven't got the hang of the schedule-post 'thingummy-jig'!


ArtMind said...

Haha, I too felt like networking kept me from creating. Couldn't agree more on Flickr and Twitter! ;:)

Ruth said...

Just never quite got the twitter idea but I'm glad it works well for you. I'm sure you'll enjoy Facebook too - and can link that to your twittering as well.

Easterya said...

Well done for taming Facebook!! I get a cold sweat just thinking about it lol! You've obviously found what works well for you - inspiring again, thanks for sharng your experience!!

meherio68 said...

And another Flickr fan. I will really have to join you all there...