Thursday, 20 May 2010

my creative space . . . supplies

Hoping to play with some of these lovely supplies - most of which arrived in the post yesterday - I just love my postman, hehe :)

Some fabulous bright yellow felt which I'm dying to use to make some 'tweedie' monsters (arms and legs!), some black bungee chord - don't ask!!!, some brooch-back pins to make some 'tweedie' brooches, and . . . not from the postman . . . a lovely tin of buttons from my sister-in-law 'cos she knew I was collecting them. I love the little tin :) I have a custom order to make today, so I won't be able to 'play' until later - it's so tempting though just to dig in!!!

P.S. We have a frog in the garage - just thought you'd like to know that! - I'm not sure about frogs, my Other Half said it squeaked when he came across (the same one?) in the garden yesterday. Do frogs squeak?

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june at noon said...

Wow, you've got a real critter infestation there these days! Maybe your next tweedie ought to be a frog? :)

Isn't is horrible having to stay away from new supplies because something else must be done first?

Kellie Christie said...

A tin of buttons!! I wish I got presents like that! Lucky you. Have fun making and creating. Don't worry about the frog, I hope he finds his way back out.