Saturday, 15 May 2010

Much 'tweedieness'

I've been really busy this week, or at least feel like I have been! Tweaking the design/packaging of the mystery 'egg-shaped' parcel has taken up much of my time, and in between trying to make some cheap and cheerful items for craft-fairs. I made up some of these little lavender pouches and fun flower brooches - after deliberating about how to package them, I decided to attach them to my business cards.

I was rather dissapointed with the cards when I got them, although it's the same design I've had for a while, but they are difficult to read as I chose a matt finish - I'm determined to use them up though! I think they look quite nice with the 'tweedie' gifts! Nice for people to be able to see and touch the tweed, rather than having them in cellophane wrapping (which I quite often use, especially for shop/website items, as protective covering)

I was going to reveal the mystery package this weekend, but I think it deserves its very own post, so will have to wait a little longer. Instead, here's 'Little S' beaming after a fun day at his school sports day - he was delighted with all his badges! His little face says it all :)

Please excuse whatever junk seems to be in the background of the pic - much 'tweedieness' also results in much 'messiness'!! I'd better go and sort out all the 'messiness' now as it's hubby's big 50 birthday on Monday - that actually can't quite be right, as I'm far too young to be married to someone that old - ouch!! :)

We're having a simple family celebration at home, which is what he wants, and we're all looking forward to it, so off to prepare for banners and balloons and cake, and the like :) Perhaps a little 'shampers' too!

Cheerio an Drasda :)


janet said...

your litle guy is adorable..congrats to him!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the big guy also!!!

Swirlyarts said...

Happy Birthday to hubby and congrats to little S for all those badges :)

june at noon said...

I really like the unfinished edges on the lavender pouches. Happy birthday to your hubby, too!

Florcita said...

Oh those little sachets look so beautiful!!!
You son is such a handsome lad... he does seem happy!
Happy birthday to youe husband. Like my mom says, my dad might be 63... she is stuck on 45... and my grandma! we have to check with her to see what age she clains she has, so we can all do the math and find out how old we are! LOL still 25 here...
Have a nice party!

Biba said...

Your son is so cute! Although I'm not sure this is the word an eight-year-old is happy to be described with... I hope you had a lovely family celebration (isn't it funny, this is exactly how my husband likes to celebrate his birthdays as well), and many many happy returns to your hubby!

Catherine said...

Oh lordy, I could eat those tweedy lavender pouches. I just love tweed - desperate to get a tweedy look in some of our OriginalStitch products, if only we came across second-hand bits more often.
What a love pic of your boy - there's a grin and a half!
x x x