Thursday, 20 January 2011

my creative space . . .

I finally got round to putting my lovely Singer sewing machine (originally owned by my late mother) on display, I've only had it for about a year and it's taken me that long to find a special space for it. It seemed too pretty to be hidden away and I couldn't find anywhere to put it, but it now holds pride of place here, surrounded by a few of my personal belongings: a teddy bear from 'who knows where' which I unearthed during a clearout last week; my two art dolls standing sentry (I decided to keep them for myself as 'inspirational 'pieces'!); and a lovely black and white photo of 'teenage son' when he was about 3 years old I think.

This is part of me 'reclaiming my personal space' - my craft supplies had somehow and mysteriously overtaken my home - hmmmmmm, strange how that happens!!! :D (Please ignore all the files and bumff in the background - goodness only knows what's in them, hehe!)

'Little S' is off with a 'winter bug' today so all I've managed to do is take some pics of some packaging details for my 'tweedie clutches' (I made another one this week, but I'll leave it for the weekend to list it probably).

I've had quite a productive week so far though, even with sickly kids about! All my 'tweedie' paperwork is now sorted - it kinda got abandoned sometime last year! This leaves me in a nice position of almost starting 'crafty' proceedings from scratch which actually feels quite nice. More importantly, at the moment, this lovely mag was delivered by the 'postie' just an hour or so ago - my FIRST copy of Selvedge ever (a lovely family friend has been sending me her copies - too kind, Karin!!!) of my own subscription for this year. Guess what I'll be browsing through with my cuppa later today :)

I should probably have invested in a new Winter coat or some other sensible purchase with my Xmas cash, but I think I'll get more intellectual enjoyment from my Selvedge magazines - got to feed the creative mind you know :D Anyhow, it'll soon be Summer!!

More lovely spaces over at Kirsty's and thanks to Gretchen for reminding me when I saw her blog post earlier today!


june at noon said...

I like how you're easing your way back in--this year for me is all about taking it easy, being less frantic.

Biba said...

Isn't it nice to have a bit of space just for yourself, with pretty little (or not so little...) things that make a house a home...? Love your sewing machine!

Florcita said...

that is one beautiful sewing machine! So are your dolls!
Hope your kid is feeling better!