Saturday, 23 July 2011

More Toggles . . .

I'm just posting a quick pic of the finished items I was working on this week - I took out some of my very precious stash of check/plaid tweeds to make a few 'kindle' sleeves. I'd made a prototype earlier in the year but hadn't taken it any further until one of the girls in the office mentioned she had just been given a kindle as a present. I took my protototype sleeve into work and it was a perfect fit, but I could see it needed a button/loop closure just for added security.

So here they are (I made four this week) - and I love how the checks look - the tweed is so gorgeous, I wouldn't think of adding anything else, apart from the toggle, to enhance it! Quite a bit of hand-finishing with these as I hand-sew the side-seams (my poor sewing machine wouldn't cope with the thickness of the 4 layers of fabric!) and the toggles take a bit of sewing and measuring-up, to make sure they are in exactly the right position! I think the time I spent earlier in the week getting the measurements right, paid off though.

Sorry for the poor quality pic, my boys keep stealing the batteries from my camera to use in their playstation/X-box console controls - sheesh! The batteries 'died' after taking a couple of pics this morning, grrrrrr! Hopefully the sleeves will go into my online shops this weekend, perhaps two of each in both shops - that's fair, isn't it, hehe :) (Better go and recharge the batteries now!!)

I would love to make something for MYSELF today - wouldn't that be a great idea? I'm thinking of a nice zipper pouch or something - I just feel like treating myself for once - do you think I'll manage it???

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you're up to :)


Biba said...

These are gorgeous, Alison, I particularly love the blue/green plaid.
Go on, treat yourself, I often do that and feel great!

june at noon said...

They're great! Yes, make something for YOU!

(Also, I just got my package today. Thank you, thank you, for all the goodies!)