Thursday, 14 July 2011

my creative space . . . is a bit late!

I had to toss a coin today and decide whether to carry on working (ie. crafting!) or wrting up a post! Well I've finished the crafting bit, so I can relax and blog a bit! At least I had some lovely flowers on the table to cheer me on - a reward for being married for 'cough, cough, splutter!!' quite a long time - I think I deserve them, haha!

It's been a lovely, productive week - with some nice surprises in between, namely this gorgeous giveaway package from Ishrat at Fruitful Fusion. Such beautiful handiwork, it takes your breath away! The online crafting community is a very nice place to be:) Thankyou Ishrat!

I've been trying to get some stock together for my online shop and have been working on some applique pictures (I had some mountboard frames I'd almost forgotten about!). I used the designs for my egg cosies from last year, and added a bumblebee design - well, there's no show without punch, he pops up everywhere. I added some hand embroidered 'bzzzzzzz!' lettering which I was quite pleased with. I still can't do 'freehand machine embroidery' so I use my own, er, individual techniques!! Please excuse my big foot in the photograph! The pictures have been cellophane wrapped for protection so apologies for the reflections in the image - I have to keep that white mountboard pristine!!

Here's the 'Bzzzzzz' one I was talking about . . .

My boys have been great so far during the holidays and are letting me get on with my crafting without much complaint - I managed to finish a set of 'matryoshka' coin purses for online sale. The lining fabric for these is so cute, I can't quite tell you! My favourite Japanese fabrics, of course :)

Now , all I have to do is to get some of this stuff listed in my shop - so hopefully between now and the weekend! And, to finish off I thought I'd show you a pic of this beautiful celtic cross I spotted at the Adventure Park in Ness last week - isn't it beautiful. I though what an amazing thing to have in the middle of the playpark - I went up to it and had a little 'feel', well you do, don't you! Guess what, it was made out of resin and was probably a mould I'm guessing - sheeesh, it had me fooled :)


Well, I seem to have got everything 'off my chest' so to speak - sorry for overly long post. Must go and get a cup of coffee and get tidied up or I might not be married for much longer - ooops! :)

I beg your pardon, forgot to say more creative (and polite!!) spaces over here - really worth a look!


Biba said...

Happy anniversary! And how cute are those coin purses? :)

Tweed Delights said...

Thankyou Mojca! :D

FishesMakeWishes said...

Cute little bee! I love the photo of the coin purses too, so colorful!
Happy anniversary :-)

Sam Findlay said...

Love the little purses! Who am I kidding I love all the photos?!!

june at noon said...

The little tweedie pictures are great! Happy anniversary!

Taylor Made said...

Happy the cards they are lovely.