Thursday, 20 October 2011

my creative space . . . works in progress

Sorry, I've been a bit out of touch this week, but I decided to take a complete break from the laptop and concentrate on chilling out and enjoying my October break - the weather has been pretty appalling so far - excellent crafting weather, hehe! Here's a little something I started on last night . . .

I started out with the intention of covering this round cushion pad - but now I'm not so sure, and might just make it into a plant-pot coaster or something, add some crochet lace round the edge maybe?

It's a lovely texture though and another enjoyable crochet experiment - the finished item will probably be a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law, whatever it turns out to be!

The soap sachets are all finshed. Here's a sneaky peek - I can't show them too graphically as they will be gifts for family members - look away now if you're a close family relative - ooops! :) . . .

Here's the last of the scones I made yesterday - we had a roaring open fire on as we had snow yesterday - and my Big Sis was hoping to visit, but didn't quite make it - sorry Sis, there's only one left!!! (I'll make some more today hopefully!)

It's the 'whisky olympics' - oooops, sorry I mean the National Mod , hehe!, in the Hebrides this week - I haven't seen any of it yet as my boys aren't involved, but I might grab a bit of the atmosphere at the end of the week if I manage to drag myself away from my cosy fire and warm scones. The weather is certainly on the up - look at the lovely pink skies we had this morning - really gorgeous . .

I will TRY and grab an image of the mod this week but won't make any promises! 'See' you soon - more creative peeps over here - I'm popping over there myself :)

P.S. 'Tweedie' activities will resume as soon as possible, hehe! :D


tartankiwi said...

You're getting so good at crochet and yum that scone looks delicious! Enjoy the rest of the holiday :-)

Seaweed and Raine said...

Snow, scones and crochet... perfect combination! :)
Enjoy the rest of your holidays.
And thanks for the reminder that I need to get Christmas crafting!!! lol

Claire said...

Snow and scones, a warm, cosy fire, sounds wonderful Alison.
Love the colours of the soap sachets, they look great.

Gorgeous sunrise, you must've been up early to snap that one. I hope you sister manages to make it for a visit, but do you really need an excuse to make some more of those yummy looking scones?

Claire :}

National Mod?? not sure about that one.........

june at noon said...

The yarn look wonderfully soft in that first photo. Snow and a warm fireplace and crafting sounds perfect. (We're not quite to that point with our weather.)

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Hello Alison :-}
I just found you and am now following. Will have to read your past posts!

xx Lorriane xx

Erin said...

I'm so scared to learn to crochet because I'm afraid it will become totally addictive and I'll have to quit my job and drop out of school and do nothing but crochet.