Saturday, 8 October 2011

What I'd really like to be doing . . .

I was having a little go at making some 'you know what' (that word which must remain unspoken!) decs last weekend - that silver crochet thread is proving to be very useful for some other crafty projects! Plan is to make a few for craft-fairs and maybe a few as gifts. Just simple stuffed tweedie squares with hessian twine attached to the corner - voila, now they're a cute diamond shaped hanging, decoration thingy. A few embroidered silver stars and 'Bob's your Uncle' as they say :)

Thing is, what I'd really like to be doing is playing around with the gorgeous sorbet coloured crochet yarn in the background - aren't the colours lovely - I can almost pretend it's Summer time when I look at them, maybe that's the attraction, hehe!

With all the extra hours at the 'office job' I'm spending a lot of time on this little bus, when I'd really like to be doing something else, like crafting!! At least the scenery is nice :D

I took this pic last weekend as I was trying to capture how flat-calm the sea was looking - there wasn't a breath of wind. Very pretty, but I just wish I didn't have to spend so much time on that darned little bus these days - never mind, I guess it's better than the London Underground at rush hour! Back to some crafting in the very precious hours I have left this weekend :) Byeee, till later . . .


Claire said...

Hey Alison, sweet little deco. I imagine you would see alot of silvery ✰ at night in your little part of the globe.

Taking that little bus to work, would definitely be much more enjoyable than battling peak hour traffic and the scenery there would be just beautiful too.
Time spent on the bus, means money in the bank, but I share your sentiment
Lovely purple flowers in the foreground but I can't quite pick what they are.

It's just started drizzling here this morning ☂ , it's been threatening to all week, so we'll see how long it lasts.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

Biba said...

You're right, the scenery is breathtaking! I do know what you mean though by craving more time for crafting... Your 'you know whats' are lovely!

june at noon said...

That tweed looks so soft, maybe because it's all one color? Beautiful, simple ornaments!