Saturday, 1 October 2011

I've been busy - honest!

Sorry for the long gap between posts but I have of course been camera-less while Other Half was off on his jaunt, followed by 'Little S' catching the usual school-bugs which are on the round at the moment. Both things combined of course gave me a little extra crafting time this week, so I was playing around with a new idea for some funny little 'croft-house' brooches. I was thinking of making some kind of corsage-type brooches with my crochet flowers but before I knew it I was making little stuffed houses - hmmmmmmm, funny how your creative brain takes over, hehe!

I thought they would be quite fun for some upcoming craft fairs which I've just received word about (the Summer fair has been and gone unfortunately but I still have stock, so ready to rock-and-roll!). You can see they're quite rustic which is how I wanted them to look - they're cuter in real life, honest! I'm working on a few in different colours but as they're hand-embroidered I won't be churning them out, just a few!

Next up came a little idea for some Christmassy lavender bags for the fairs - there's a little crochet project in the background too which I was really chuffed about making but they might turn out to be gifts so I'll keep them low profile for now :

Finally I managed to stuff a couple of beach-balls which have been WIPs for rather longer than I intended but I did eventually finish them - they might make their way to my online shop, I'll keep you posted.

This afternoon's dilemma will be 'to crochet or more 'tweedie' work' - perhaps I'll do a little bit of both! Have a lovely weekend :)


tartankiwi said...

Love your wee crofts, very cool! Infact this post is just brimming with great creations, you're on a roll- keep it up!

Claire said...

My, you have been busy Alison.....your little croft house brooches are lovely, I like all the different coloured backgrounds and the beach balls look great. So nice to get WIP's finished and cross them off the list.

I haven't plugged the machine in all week, not sure what's going on with my creative brain!!
It's a beautiful, sunny day here after a very wet week, so maybe the weather has something to do with the lack of creativity........
Enjoy your weekend,

Claire :}

Biba said...

Beautiful designs, Alison! I love the red lavender bags with tiny snowflakes - Christmassy all over!

june at noon said...

Sounds like there's been quite a bit accomplished at your place. Good for you!

Shirlwin said...

Cute wee houses! Love the beach balls:)