Thursday, 24 May 2012

my creative space . . . a Giveaway, new packaging and city scapes

Um, well that's a funny title I've given my blog-post today - I'm going to have to work hard to pull it all together and reign myself in to writing a cohesive post . . . oooops! Well, anyway, School Sports day this week meant I had to write off a whole day of creativity, but it was a lovely, sunny day and we all went home happy . . . and a little sunburnt, I will never learn, hehe - I think you're supposed to make sure the children don't get burnt, not the parents!!!

So not a lot of making 'n creating this week - at the weekend though I did a little work on my 'tweedie' motifs, which I've decided to turn into little craft-kits - hey, why should I do all the work!;-) You've got to make your own tweedie-garlands and decs now - the gauntlet is down, so to speak! I made up three packs for online sale, complete with packaging and added a little blurb on the back giving some tips on how to use 'em. 

Here are the three variations on the kit (complete with a length of hessian string, not shown  in the first image) . . .

. . . a  fresh haul of 'tweedie' fish :D
(this last 'rogue' fish is facing in the wrong direction - he must be a bit of a rebel, hehe :) (or just a little lost!)

. . . stars in your eyes!
. . . have a heart (or two!)
. . . sorry, not a very clear pic of the packaging - but they DO look quite nice, honest!!!

I'm giving away ONE of my craft-kits in your choice of motif - fishy, stars or hearts (4 in each pack) - just leave a comment saying which one you'd like.   Alternatively you could choose to have a pack with ONE of each  motif - three motfis in total, nice for making individual  'decs' - you choose!  I'll be making the craft-kit especially for the giveaway, so the colours shown won't be exactly the same. I had so much fun playing with the shapes I couldn't resist making them into a little kit - as you can see, they're quite rustic with unfinished edges, but are made with double thickness of tweed making them quite substantial.

You can enter the Giveaway wherever you are in the world - just leave a comment with a link to your blog, or/and a link to contact you if you've won. I'll leave the Giveaway open until Saturday 2nd June, midday (12 pm) British time.  If you don't win, I have added some of the kits to my Etsy shop, one of which has sold - but I'd like to have a regular little supply of them, as I think they're quite fun!

My youngest came home from school with a lovely collage city-scape this week and as I haven't any new makes this week, I'll feature his work instead!  I really liked  how he meticulously drew all the windows on the  sky-scapers - such  dedication to detail! 

Ah, to see the world through a child's eyes - they have such clear, uncluttered vision!! Then we grow up and get all muddled and befuddled - it's such a shame, hehe!!  

I hope you will enter my Giveaway - it would be fun to send a little tweedie-package off to someone I know would make very good use of it!  More creative-types over this way - Byeee! :D

Alison x


Alessandra said...

I really love the fish package!!! tweed fish : so unusual, so cute!!!
xxx Alessandra

tartankiwi said...

Always love seeing your tweedie creations, but those fish are adorable!

Biba said...

Count me in, I love your giveaways!
Hearts, perhaps?

FishesMakeWishes said...

these are so cute, so count me in! I love the fish or course :-)

veronica said...

I love reading your blog but I don,t know how to blog myself. I really like all your makes so would love to own any of them. Veronica.

june at noon said...

That skyscape is AWESOME! I love it, really. Tell him to make more and sell them. :)

Bron said...

You come up with some really beautiful ideas and execute them so well....clever girl.

Claire said...

Hey Alion, I can't get over the detail your youngest put in his city-scape......all those little windows. I think it probably tells you alot about him, very interesting.

Your new packaging for your garlands looks very professional, I love it.......and you've already sold one, congrats.

I can't go past a sweet little heart or two, could you throw my name in the hat please...

As for cohesive posts, why don't you just ramble on like I do hehe.....

Claire x

Mezz said...

Can I be realy really really immature for one moment please? pick me! pick me! pick me!!!!

I would definatly go the love hearts, they are just so wonderfully sweet. And they would be just the pick me up we need down here in Melbourne (Aus) as its starting to get very dark, cold and wintery around here.

Love your blog. You're a very clever lady!

From Mezz (Mezz Makes Stuff)

Ady said...

I love the fish! Thanks for the giveaway. Your lad's quite the artist - I like the cityscape.

Ady from CraftyAdy dot blogspot dot co dot uk.

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

I love the heart and star kits - wow! And that collage your youngest brought home is so clever, obviously inherited your creative talents. :)

Wombat's Picnic said...

The fish, the fish. I love the cheeky one going the wrong way. What a great idea and they do look cute in their packaging. Cyndy