Sunday, 20 May 2012

You must try this, it will make you feel happy! :)

I've been wanting to try to crochet a pebble-cover for so long now, and finally this weekend I DID IT!!!! :) . . . . and it made me feel very happy, hehe! Here's the result (I've only done ONE so far . . . but I have great aspirations!!) . . .

I found the pattern to crochet the pebble-covers here at:

There are 4 lovely patterns to choose from - this is the flower pattern and has just 4 rows. I sort of 'winged it' to cover the sides and base of the pebble, using a series of chains (3 or 5) and trebles to create a sort of open lace, decreasing in bits here and there - it just seemed to sort of work, but only AFTER I'd followed her lovely pattern! (I made an additional round of 'all trebles' in between rows of chains/trebles)

I used a 3 mm hook and Puppets Lyric Cotton (8/8) for this one and it worked really well. I'm going to try using some of my hessian string I think and some other yarns from my stash to make some of the other patterns. I was surprised I managed to cover the sides and base using my own 'methods' but I think with a little crochet knowledge on decreasing and shaping, it's possible! You CAN do it - just try it :)

The last image is of the base of the pebble - I think it looks OK for a first attempt :)

When I showed the boys my crochet pebble attempt (rather proudly I must say!) Teenage son said 'Hey, you've wrapped a rock!' - quite a cool response I thought :) 'Little S' was slightly less enthusiastic and said 'What have you done to that pebble??? You've put it in a 'straight jacket'!!' He seemed to think it was rather cruel - as if I'd trapped it forever, inside its crochet-harness!

Anyhow, I love the idea - they would make lovely presents, paper weights, ornaments, etc. and are SO satisfying to do! Off to find some more pebbles now :)


Alison x

P.S. Here is a link to one site for making a magic adjustable ring which this pattern uses - it's the only one that made sense to me when I was trying to learn it a few months ago :)


Alessandra said...

I think it is a fantastic first attempt!! Brava Alison!!
xxx Alessandra

Claire said...

Straight jackets for pebbles eh?
Love that response, aren't kids great!!

Love your crochet rock cover Alison.
I think these things are a little addictive. I can imagine a stack of them in varying sizes.....

I think some made in hessian string would look very effective.

Have you visited Resurrection Fern blog.?..... Margaret Oomen makes these (she was the first I ever saw in blogland making them) and they are'll definitely be inspired.

Claire x

june at noon said...

It's very addicting, isn't it? To close them up, I just keep going 'round and decreasing each row a little bit until it's closed up. (Sometimes with chains, sometimes with stitches, sometimes with a combination.)

I believe Margie Oomen of Resurrection Fern (who was the first I know of to come up with this idea) has a free pattern somewhere out there that includes instructions for closing up. But, with your crochet knowledge, you'd probably be able to do an entire cover without a pattern--I find I really like just "freehanding" it and seeing what happens. Sometimes I have to rip out some rounds and start over if it doesn't look like I want it to, but that's part of the process!

Hmmm, it's been a while since I covered any stones....