Monday, 10 September 2012

Oooops - AWOL Blogger Returns!

Sorry, I have been AWOL for the last week or so - things went a  bit wobbly on the blogging front!

I think I spent half the week worrying about 'teenage son' who was embarking on a solo trip to the mainland to view a possible prospective University campus in the Big Smoke (Glasgow) - worrying is a very time consuming activity, takes a lot of dedication, commitment, time, etc - hence the entire sum of the week's crafting was a crochet facecloth LOL :)  Here's a bit of it in progress, I was using up some remnants of cotton yarn . . . 

Anyway, it took my mind  of the notion that he might take a wrong turning in the Big City and find himself in some horrible back-street somewhere - these fears were completely unfounded of course and he returned safe and well, full of the joys of prospective University life - gulp, what a thought!  

No sooner was he back on dry land, and we were celebrating 'Little S's' birthday - it's been that kind of week. I let him and his school pals have the run of the house on Saturday - I have no idea  what they  were up to here, but they were having a laugh anyway! . . . 

It was nice to see his school pals altogether - they will all be going to the Big School next year in Stornoway, so they will be a bit more dispersed - and future birthday parties will probably be a bit more sedate - more  change, Oh Dear :)

Just to wind up proceedings, we enjoyed some lovely fresh wild salmon last weekend, courtesy of my Other Half who caught it in the local  river - it was very yummy!  Wild salmon is a rare treat - even the boys noticed the difference in taste from farmed Salmon - a very different fish altogether . . . 

Well, must dash as I have some orders to make up and post today - back to 'tweedie' work in earnest!
Bye for now :)
Alison x


Alessandra said...

hard work to be a mum...!!!!
big hugs, xxx Alessandra

june at noon said...

You just get settled in to something and they change again, don't they? Hope you get caught up some! :)