Thursday, 20 September 2012

Retail therapy and other stuff

I've fallen off the wagon again in blogging terms, mostly because last week I had a bit of a stomach flu/cold, and just had to succumb to it and process whatever 'tweedie' orders came my way - 'creative' work came to a halt and I decided just to take the time out and recover - all better now tho! :)

I must have felt in need of some retail therapy though, because I had an appointment on Tuesday in Stornoway which meant I had to hang around for over an hour beforehand - this proved to be a very dangerous exercise - ooops!  I was just killing time so I popped into 'Wee W's' (our alternative to Woolworths which we all loved here in the Western Isles, boo hoo - RIP!) and came  across some lovely storage jars.  They leapt into my shopping basket, whooooosh! . . . 

They're Kilner jars - aren't they pretty?  Lovely clunky clasp lids - they make me feel like making jams and preserves, although I never  have (yet!!) :D  (but I just had to have them and they were very cheap!)  I now must learn to make, jam, or chutney or marmalade (I eat a lot of marmalade, so that might be a good idea!!)

On my way to my hairdresser's appointment I passed the newsagent (this was to become my most expensive  hair appointment ever and I don't spend much money at the hairdressers being a kinda DIY gal, hehe)

Now I don't usually buy craft magazines as I find I can sometimes buy craft books for the same price, but . . . 

I couldn't decide which one to buy . . . . . . . so, guess what happened - Oh Dear!  (I will really be treasuring both mags, because heck, they cost enough!!!!)  Both very inspiring tho - so worth it for that alone :D

Eventually, I reached the hairdressers . . . . but it was a very precarious, costly journey through Cromwell Street - I must have really needed some retail therapy, pheeeeew :)

One outcome of  buying the craft magazines is that I have  decided I MUST LEARN TO KNIT SOCKS - this has become a compulsion over the last two days, but I have to do it - there's  a voice inside my head telling me LOL.  Mostly because there was a  lovely pattern in Mollie Makes for a pretty pair - yet another crafty addiction to add to my list.  I've now ordered double pointed needles  and  a 'how to' book on knitting socks - I'm very excited to start a new crafty project!  Hope I haven't forgotten my knitting skills - it's been a while???  :) :)  Have you ever tried to knit socks?  Is it difficult?

'Speak' soon :)
Alison  xx

P.S.  Here's the latest granny square I've crocheted (last month sometime) - I've now run out of cotton yarn,  which I loved  using.  This square is from the Granny Square book (200 Crochet Blocks) I bought in the Summer . . . 

 . . . easy to follow the pattern, but, I think - a really pretty outcome!
(I WILL find some use for all these random crochet squares, flowers etc. -sometime!) x


Alessandra said...

Hope you are really well Alison!!! I think all the shopping that came after helped you a lot!!! ;oD
xxx Alessandra

Fiona said...

Socks? You are braver than I! I'm sure they're not that hard but the prospect of making two that more or less match has always put me off.

Glad you're feeling better. I've heard a lot about Mollie Makes but every time I'm in the UK they're nowhere to be found ... it's probably just as well!

Claire said...

Alison I love your latest crochet block, the colours are so Summery and it reminds me of Sunflowers........
Mollie Makes is one of my current faves, I bought the current edition here in NYC which means when I get home because it comes out a month later over there. I will actually have to wait another month till the next edition...(confused, I am, lol) But I find the ;thing is even thought they are costly up front the inspiration, ideas and projects more than make up for the cost and i keep them and reread them constantly.
Glad you are feeling better and good on you for having a go at some socks. I haven't succeeded making any, have to master round needles etc.

Claire x

fairislerona said...

I've knitted socks but made the initial mistake of using a Regia pattern - which I really struggled to understand: I'm not the first person either to say this - I work in a Rowan yarn shop so I pick up feedback. In the end I altered the pattern and used one from Ravelry, the problem is usually 'turning the heel' and being a traditionalist I like doing the proper heel - instead of the squared off version. You'll understand this when you get making...but socks are so popular and it amazes me when some knitters say its their first project.
I really like the 'making' magazine as well, its just a pity they are all so expensive! Good luck with your socks. Rona.