Thursday, 27 September 2012

my creative space . . . sock progress :)

Ta dah!!!   We now have one completed sock - I was so proud of my efforts that I almost made a Hollywood Oscar speech to my kids . . . "I would like to thank my family,  my director, blah, blah . . . ." and almost shed a tear LOL :)  Anyway, as I suspected, it does look a little cartoon-like, funnily enough.  

It's  fallen between two camps  - a little too bulky to wear inside my walking boot and perhaps not bulky enough as a slipper sock, although I predict it (they!) will  get used as the latter.  Anyway I felt very euphoric when it was completed on Monday night - I ran out of yarn and had to use another colour to make the toe but I think that was a 'happy accident' as it looks quite nice with a bit of variation . . . 

(It looks a little like a knitted snow- boot, hehe!!)

I think me and my sock will be very happy together, but I must make it a 'friend' as soon as my yarn supplies arrive :)  I must say that this  has got me fired up to attempt more 'knitting in the round' projects such as mittens, etc.  Ravelry has been an absolute treasure trove of ideas!  I've also found You Tube to be excellent when it comes to any knitting terminology and unfamiliar instructions - I'll never be lost for knitting/crochet resources and tutorials again - just great!

On the 'tweedie' front,  I'm finishing off an iPad sleeve today for a customer . . .   

This will be the last custom order I'll  be undertaking for a couple of months so that I can get down to some stock making.  I've been busy the last few weeks making or sending gadget sleeves, so I'm looking forward to some more creative 'tweedie' work.  Hopefully I'll  be able to show some new 'tweedie' items next week - that's if I can tear myself away from my compulsive sock-knitting :) :)

More creative peeps here - Byeee!
Alison x


Biba said...

Congratulations! You're an official 'sock-knitter' now:)

Alessandra said...

I just admire you and your sock!!! I'm still not able to knit in the round or with circular needles: still too scary for me!! ;oD
Brava Alison! Happy weekend, xxx Ale

Claire said...

Hey ALison, well done the sock looks great with it's pale blue toe......definitely a happy's going to be perfect when Winter arrives.
Have a great weekend,

Claire x

june at noon said...

I too like the happy accident. Even if it's not quite perfect for you weight-wise, you still got past that first try at sock-making, which means all other sock-making from here on will be that much easier!

fairislerona said...

Well done you! Love the i-pad sleeve.