Monday, 1 October 2012

A space of my own . . . be it ever so humble :)

For the last few years (almost six to be exact!) I've utilised various corners of my home for my 'tweedie-making' business.  I've always had a dedicated admin-work space in a corner of the living room which serves me very well, a large cupboard to store all my tweed, another corner of a room where I store all my crafty bits and bobs, but not a 'crafty' work-space as such.  It's been  adequate up to a point, but lately I've felt the need to have my own specific area.  

Last week I took the plunge, and with just a few minor changes managed to hi-jack a fair chunk of one of the rooms, which has enabled me to at least have the whole length of the room to myself, with lots of wall space and most importantly room for a work-desk which could double as a surface for my sewing machine if I so wish.

It's still in the process of being organised (as you can see!), but I've now at least dedicated a specific area, which is a good start . . .

. . . a work-desk at last (look, there's a chair, just to prove it, hehe!).  Photographs of my boys . . . well, just because :)  Sorry about the dark pics, but maybe it's just as well - I don't want you to look too closely LOL :D

. . . and my trusty 'tweedie' girls, who help me cutting out my fabric, sewing, tidying up, etc. (Oh, I wish, LOL!!!) to keep me company while I work . . .

My craft books have found a place beside my vintage Singer sewing machine (which belonged to my late mother) - there are more craft books in various locations still though :)

The rather odd looking posters on the wall are wallcharts which were issued in the Guardian Weekend over a number of months and have beautiful illustrations of various nature themes eg. seashells, butterflies, wild flowers, etc.  We've kept them for years so I've decided to use them to decorate my wall space for the moment at least (or perhaps just to mark my territory temporarily, if truth be told, hehe!!!)

I do like to use organic themes in my work from time to time though, too :)
I'll possibly add a cork inspiration board and perhaps a little shelf for some crafty nick-nacks, but it won't be transformed into a super-duper dedicated sewing-room (I am just sharing this room after all - ooops, I almost forgot!). It will be, however, a little space of my own to create, to think, browse through my craft-books and to knit, to crochet . . . and to sew of course!

I think me and the 'tweedie-girls' will be very happy in our new creative space :)

Happy Monday!  (I'm off to enjoy my new, much-loved, humble 'craft-space') Byeeee :)
(Och, I suppose I will HAVE to do a little housework first though - Paaahhhh!)

Later-gaters :)
Alison x


Alessandra said...

Good !!! Hope your new working area gives you a lot of inspiration!!! Have fun!!
xxx Alessandra

Swirlyarts said...

It's nice to have your own space isn't it? Be warned though - it won't stop your work from escaping all over the house!

fairislerona said...
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fairislerona said...

This looks a fine 'space' Alison - you have to start somewhere! I had an 'open' area - for want of a better word - but I had to walk through it every day and the 'mess' - my mess -really got to me.... so I then converted a bedroom into my workspace. I'll let you see the pics sometime. Enjoy crafting in your new 'area'.

WendyCarole said...

it is great to have a working space isn't it?

Claire said...

Yeeeeees, how wonderful to have your own little area and helpers too......from humble beginnings.
Even though I have a sewing room of my own, I still drag my machine out to the dining room table as it's where the heater is, has the best light in the house and
wonderful views!! Luckily my boys don't mind my 'mess'.

Love the wall charts, specially the toadstool chart......
Enjoy your dedicated work space Alison.....

june at noon said...

Looks lovely. And, funny, the wall charts are my favorite bit!