Thursday, 11 October 2012

my creative space . . . . the back of it!

Being a little coy about 'my creative space' today - I'm only showing the reverse side of what I'm working on ;-)  It's going really well so far, it's a large piece - and I'm  cracking on with it!  Suffice to say that it's made  entirely from  Harris Tweed and toy stuffing and is the result of some frantic doodling I did last night when I came home from the office.  I'm having fun with this one - back to designing 'softies'/soft sculpture, whatever you like to call it :)  There are a  few 'doodles' on the go! . . . 

I love this tweed, it's a beautiful  combination of colours, and I was being a bit brave/stupid, to use it today  as I wasn't sure how things would go - as it is, they seem to have gone OK :)  

Today in the post I got . . . .

NORO!!!!! I love this yarn - I've been working so  hard on my 'tweedie' business the last couple of weeks I thought I needed a little treat :)  So I bought a couple of balls of it - it's not cheap, but it IS gorgeous!  It's all part of the grieving process from losing the Noro beanies I made last Christmas - I think this will help me feel better ;-)

Alison  x


Biba said...

Very curious about your tweedy project :)

sascedar said...

oooh i'm intrigued to see what you are making there! and that yarn looks so very snuggly. have fun! :)sarah

june at noon said...

Pretty yarn. It was definitely a necessary purchase.

Claire said...

Brave or stupid Alison, when inspiration strikes you've got to go with it and sometimes jumping straight in is the best way to procrastinating.
Can't wait to see what you are up to and glad it's going according to plan.
We all need little treats every now and then, enjoy playing with the wool....gorgeous colours.

Have a great weekend,

CLaire x