Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Where are my batteries!!!

Who stole my batteries?, is a common cry in our house.  With two boys who both enjoy playing on Games consoles, they are constantly sneaking off with the batteries in my camera for their Games controllers - Grrrrrrrrr!  Today I have the dilemma of whether to take a wholesome walk to the local shop to buy more batteries, or to wait for my Other Half to buy some in town and bring them home at tea-time, while I, in the meantime, get down to more stock-making.   

Hmmmmm, dilemma - I should really go on to The Audience (current TV programme for people facing personal  dilemmas) - it's very surreal, but I kind of like it - 50 people follow you  around for a day and try and sort out your dilemma for you - how handy would that be LOL :)  You have to see it to understand it - it appeals to my sense of the bizarre though!  (Perhaps my dilemma isn't quite life-changing enough though, hehe!)

Anyhow, I managed to squeeze enough juice out of the camera this morning to take a couple  of snaps  of my finished 'tweedie' pouches - they've only been waiting a month, but I was waiting for some hand-made labels to arrive in the post (that's my excuse and I'm  sticking to it!) . . . 

I'm thinking of taking part in Blogtoberfest this month - an annual blogging festival where you have to post every day for a whole month.  Am I mad?  Obviously, because I probably need this like a hole in the head, but it sounds like fun - not sure how I'll deal with my two working days yet, I'm not very 'savvy' about scheduling posts :)  You can take part here if you're also mad! :) 

I should also call this month Stocktoberfest, as I'm hoping to stock up my Big Cartel shop to the rafters for C_______ mas (ssshhhhh!) - poor Etsy will have to take a back seat as I feel I can only concentrate on one online shop, so I'm devoting all my efforts to my main shop, which I've had a nice trickle of orders from recently.  I also prefer Big Cartel's interface and your products don't suddenly disappear if you've forgotten to renew them as you have to in Etsy - aaargh!

Must dash - 'Little S' forgot a fork for his school packed lunch and his class are going to be running around the village before lunch to practice for Cross-country - if I'm  smart I might catch him as he runs past our house and I can give him his fork for his dinner!

See you every day  for a  month???!!!***
Alison x

P.S.  I will host a Giveaway at some point during October to tie in with Blogtoberfest - might as well go the whole hog, hehe :) :)


tartankiwi said...

Good luck with Blogtoberfest! I loved doing it last year but don't have the time this year. Will look forward to following your progress.

Alessandra said...

batteries.....same problem here!!! probably because we have boys??? i don't know, but.....it seems a valid explanation !!!
Your matryoshka and birdy purses are so nice!!!
Have fun with Blogtoberfest!!
xxx Ale

fairislerona said...

The purses look great Alison, will look out for your comments and will answer some of them. Rona.

Claire said...

Hey Alison had to laugh at your comment about Blogtoberfest.....if you're mad!!!

I may very well have taken part this year, but am playing catchup after being away for a month. Between gardening, sewing for markets and general life, things are a little hectic. But I shall be visiting regularly to see how you're going.
Love the tweedie pouches and the labels look great too.
A nice sunny morning here and as I'm up early I might get a little sewing done before everyone else wakes up.....

Claire x

Trudy said...

Hi Alison, it seems I'm just as mad as you!! Blogging every day for a month!! Love your tweed purses, very cute indeedy : -)

june at noon said...

So it sounds like packs of batteries ought to be on Santa's list this year? :) Good luck with the every-day posting. (You are much braver than I.)