Thursday, 18 October 2012

my creative space . . . doodle stitching, and back to tweedying

Ah well, all our visiting family have gone back to the mainland, so there's nothing else to it but to get back to 'tweedying', blogging, and all the various tasks involved in running a crafty business - holidays are over, where tweedie-work is concerned.  A day earlier than I intended but there are 'tweedie' matters to attend to, e-mails to be answered and stock-making to get on with :)

I took a little time out yesterday to do a little embroidery as I'd come across a 'practice' tweedie pouch I'd made a while back when I was trying to work out the rudiments of creating a lining - it's very basic but I thought it was perfect for a little practice embroidery.  I took out Aimee Ray's book, which is fantastic for all  'newbie' embroiderers - it's really well illustrated and gives step by step directions on all the basic stitches.  

Fantastic inspiring designs - I love all the 'doodly' images - it's very creative stuff.  Here's my rudimentary attempts - I really enjoyed just going with the flow though, using her designs as a guide - practicing some  stitches as  I went . . . 

I love her little bird designs - so I tried to make my own version.  After I'd done the bird outline, 'Little S' came up to me, looked  at it and said 'but what's it supposed to be???  More work required obviously LOL, so I tried my best to fill it in using 'short and long' stitch, but it's a little rough - I got the general idea though!  I used stem stitch for the branch - I'm not adept at using this stitch as I don't use it very often, but I had fun adding french-knots for flowers and 'laisy-daisy' stitches for leaves - all suggestions from the book.

Here's a little close up . . .

I really enjoy embroidery as a pleasureable pastime - very soothing and relaxing.

I'm back to making more 'tweedie-stock' for the shop today, it will possibly involve a little basic embroidery, but no stem stitch thankfully, hehe!

I'll try and pick up the reigns of Blogtoberfest after my five day absence - ooooops, well I'm only human :)  To err is human, to forgive is . . . . :D

Alison x


june at noon said...

Stem stitch and outline stitch (pretty much the same thing, just going different directions) are my favorites! I use them almost exclusively when I'm doing the line-work of my personal patterns. Yours looks great!

Alessandra said...

love your little stitches!!!! go on my dear!!!
xxxx Alessandra

Claire said...

Divine, your little birdy is divine Alison.......

The long and short stitches give it a lovely textured look and Aimee'a book is great for lots of wonderful designs.
I love hand embroidery, it's a nice change from machine embroidery.
I have 2 markets on the weekend, so stitching madly, all the best with 'restocking' and have a great weekend.

Claire x

sister outlaws said...

Love the tweed background. Tweedy sky!

Hootnz said...

That looks lovely on the tweed background.... I like the mix of your short and long stitches on the works! I also find stitching very relaxing, even if its handstitching a hem :)