Thursday, 25 October 2012

my creative space . . . Noro project, and the end of the hols . . .

Well, I did mange to do something with the much adored Noro yarn I've been eyeing up over the hols - I just squeezed it in at the very last minute, as the boys and I are back to work and school this week. 

I'd had a pattern in mind for the yarn which I'd spotted on Ravelry and had downloaded in my 'library' but it had a couple of techniques I'd never tried before so I was hedging a bit with it and waiting for a 'brave' moment for me to give it a try (that meant Sunday!).   

Lots of scribbled notes on the pattern . . . 

. . . yes, fingerless gloves, if you hadn't guessed!! - I loved the simplicity of this pattern and how it shows  up the beauty of the Noro yarn.  I had to learn how to make a provisional cast-on (Lesson 1!) and how to do a three needle bind-off (Lesson 2, but quite an easy one, like drawing with 2 pencils instead of 1!) so a really fun learning process - thanks You Tube!.  

More scribbled notes - I found some of the instructions a little brief -  it's a very short pattern . . . 

and finally . . .

. . . yes, I know the colours don't match - but that's the beauty of the yarn!  You either go with it or maybe try to fiddle around to get a match - I just went with it, for the fun element :)  I love the roll-up cuff - it gives a nice 'relaxed' finish to them - in my opinion!

. . . Ta Dah!

I'm so happy with my fingerless mitts - and they fitted perfectly too, an added bonus!  

The pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry and is called 'Camp Out fingerless mitts' by Tante Ehm.  They weren't a complete breeze for me to make as I had some issues with the thumb hole (putting this down to lack of 'knitting-in-the-round' experience!) but I managed to overcome this.  A very sweet pattern with a bit of a learning element - cool!  (I'd thoroughy recommend it as a 'starter' mitten-making experiment.)  

I can now go back to the office job knowing I've had a little creative 'down-time' and some relaxing time with the boys - what's not to like! :) :)

Perhaps a few X-mas pressies may arise from this pattern - shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone though! :D

Ah, well it's back to sorting out school uniforms, work clothes, etc. for me today - still, it was nice to have a break!  AND we are having the most gorgeous Autumnal  October weather - way hay!!!!

Alison x

P.S. I've added my own notes on my Ravelry page for these, if you are interested - you can find me as  'Tweed Delights', surprise, surprise, hehe!!

P.P.S.  More creative yarns here :)


Fiona said...

They look like fun, Alison! I've never tried gloves or socks .. I'm always put off by the idea of making a second one to match!

Claire said...

Wow, these fingerless mittens look wonderful Alison, I love that they don't match.
Well done, on working through the pattern and learning some new techniques. They look lovely and warm.
Glad you are enjoying some fine weather,

Claire x

Alessandra said...

Alison: your mitts are fantastic!!! You did a good job!!! the fact that they are mis-matched make them more personal!! I love it!!!
xxx Alessandra

P.S. : in here we are still in half term break!!! Back to school on Monday!!

Swirlyarts said...

I love that they don't match :) I wish I could take up yarn crafts but I a) don't have the time and b) I really don't have the time!

fairislerona said...

These look great Alison - where do you manage to get Noro yarn on the Isle of Lewis? Rona x

june at noon said...

Love the yarn! I prefer them mismatched, actually. Well done!

Tammy said...

Whoops that last comment was me.

Tammy said...

though it seems it didn't actially appear anyway. lol its clearly too early for me. Your fingerless gloves look great!