Monday, 8 October 2012

Experimental knitting and a delivery

I've admired these beautiful mittens in the Craft Activism book ever since I got it.  It's only since I started the 'knitting in the round' thing recently that I even vaguely considered embarking on something like this.  I was really fascinated by the idea of doing colour stranded knitting (or fairisle?? - I've no idea  of the correct terminology) and was intrigued by the colour block patterns accompanying the mitten knitting instructions. 

Yesterday, I decided to do just a little swatch as an experiment - I don't have the right size needles, so I'm  not quite ready to go with this project!  I really enjoyed trying it out though, went wonky on the second repeat of the pattern and managed to transpose the colours, haha!  Lots of technical issues, which I'd been made aware of through watching some Youtube videos, but really interesting to do and was fascinated to see how it all worked. 

This knitting will probably be undone or just kept aside as a swatch sample - I'll definitely try some more though - I just LOVE these lovely colourful mittens on the front of the book - ME wants some!

Must dash now - I have to deliver my youngest's Bass Guitar to the school, as it's too heavy for him to carry - it's pretty heavy for me too!  I will cut a comical figure, walking out the road carrying this . . . 
He invested in a second-hand bass guitar with some of his birthday money recently - it's lovely to see him take up an instrument - I hope he will carry on, and maybe join  his big brother in some jamming sessions, which would be nice to see :D

Happy Monday!
Alison x

P.S.  I enjoyed my Sunday 'off' (Hebridean rules, hehe!) - back to blogging daily this week for Blogoberfest!


Claire said...

Your swatch looks so sweet Alison.....I'm sure you could manage the pattern.
They would be the perfect thing for Winter...

Claire x

Alessandra said...

Unstoppable ALison!!!
xxxx Alessandra