Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Collections . . .

I'm trying to tie up a couple of posts in one here, hence the title 'collections'!

A collection of blue sheep across the road . . .

Didn't they pose nicely for me, hehe!

A collection of crochet flowers - June was such a busy, stressful month, this was as creative as it got - just some nice relaxing crochet . . .

I found a nice pattern for gerberas in a magazine - they should have had a second round of petals - but could I figure that part out!!!!

A collection of spices - my youngest getting ready to cook a meal.  He's only twelve - a chef in the making! . . .

I love how he used the spoons to organise his cooking - ingenious :)  Loving the colours of the spices . . .

I've just finished some new pieces for a craft fair on Saturday - but I'll leave that for my next post!  This fair has crept up quite quickly but I don't like to turn the offer down, there's a stall with my name on it, hehe!

See you next week with my craft fair report (and some pics of the new 'makes')
Alison xx

1 comment:

Claire said...

And a nice, little collection it is too Alison.
Love the spices all lined up, they remind me of the Oak leaves that are still holding on tightly over here.
Love your crocheted flowers, very pretty, you did well and those sheep are curious creatures. Wonder what they were thinking?
It's a cold, cold day here 2deg at 9am, which is very cold for us. Thankfully the sun has come out and warmed things slightly.
Have a great weekend,

Claire Xx