Sunday, 4 April 2010

Awwwww :)

I think this little lamb in my my neighbour's croft is a pretty new arrival - the lambs seem to be (literally!) popping up right, left and centre at the moment! He looked very sweet in the gorgeous sunshine we are having here today (I think it's a bit of a myth about Hebridean gales and rain - we have had the best, mildest, winter in the whole country this year!)

Better go and hide some Easter eggs - my boys are still in bed after a late night with their cousins! That's what holidays are for though :)

Have a lovely Easter Sunday!


Ruth said...

Ah. I just love seeing the new born lambs skip and jump around the fields. I'm sure you'll enjoying seeing them right on your doorstep. Happy Easter.

florcita said...

what a beautiful little fella!