Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New 'tweedie' Matryoshkas

I had a real notion for making a 'tweedie' matryoshka doll in jet black Harris Tweed, so I made this largest one at the weekend. I held back from showing it on my blog yesterday though, as I really wanted to have a go at making a threesome, nesting on the little hessian bags I use for packaging. There's something about making three of them like this that I like - they look so cosy all together! There's a hint of the orient here - it emerged from nowhere but I quite like it.

I used wool felt for the embellishments and had more fun with sequins - Oh, I do like a bit of bling! They look quite cute with their little heads popping out of their hessian bag . . .

I would love, love, love, to try them in different colours - so for this reason I'm going to add them as a 'made-to-order' item on my own website and also on Etsy. They do look quite slick in the black though. Next weekend I would like to have a go at making them up in some of my 'winter white' Harris Tweed - yes, I AM going to cut into it, hehe! These are such fun to make - I enjoy the whole process, and embroidering the faces gives them their own little personalities.

Pink, red, yellow, green, blue, traditional herringbone, plaid - I'd love to try them all!

Later in the day I decided to make a little set of miniature Matryoshkas which I think would be really fun for little girls (or Big girls!). These ones won't have any sequins, just a bit of embroidery - I'll show them later in the week :)

I will, will, will, get some 'froggie' kits made up this week - as soon as I pull the reigns in and make myself 'behave'! Coming soon I promise :)

P.S. I think I will be handing over 'my creative space' to 'Little S' this week - he's got some interesting things going on, will make a nice change from my 'tweedies'!

Bye for Now :)


janet said...

Oooooo....I love pink and black together!

june at noon said...

They do look great in black. Love the sequins against the black too!

Biba said...

They're gorgeous. I particularly like the pic with their heads popping out of the bag, so pretty!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

these are gorgeous! clever you. Hope you sell oodles, Lucyxx

Swirlyarts said...

They look cute peeking out of the bag :)