Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wakey, wakey!

For someone on holiday, I seem to be getting quite a lot of crafting done - perhaps not exactly the crafting I intended either! Yesterday afternoon I decided to wake up my Matryoshka dolls up from their deep slumber - I felt there was a limit to the number I could make dozing in the sunshine:) So a greater part of the afternoon was spent redesigning the embroidered face - lots of drawing, scribbling and then just jumping in with both feet first, which seems to be my preferred way of working!

I'd had an idea in my mind to make a vivid red Matryoshka with black embroidery, so this was the one I decided to 'wake up', so to speak! There were a few attempts to get the features looking the way I wanted - but we got there eventually. I've now developed a method of embroidering the faces, with enough leeway to make variations between dolls, which is exactly what I want. I quite like the starkness of the white embroidery against the white felt - it gives them an individual 'look'. It takes time to do the embroidery, but it's really satisfying and ensures that each one will have a unique identity.

You will either love or hate the second Matryoshka doll - it has a very distinct 'burlesqe'/carnival/theatrical appearance which emerged - personally I really like it, as someone who likes a little bit of the 'bizarre' and the unexpected. But I'm sure folk will have their own particular tastes regarding art dolls/matryoshkas, etc.

I had great fun deciding where to place the sequins, embellishments, etc - it's amazing how much this changes their 'personalities'. I love this plaid tweed, which isn't technically speaking Harris Tweed (the weaver possibly used yarn which had been spun/died on the Scottish mainland - this process has to be done in the Outer Hebrides as part of the 'criteria' for the cloth to be authentic Harris Tweed - fascinating facts, eh - hehe!)

The dolls are approximately 5 inches in height, funnily enough the same size as the rest of my 'tweedies', which ties them in quite nicely. Some people might be thinking, I wish she'd left these dolls sleeping peacefully - myself I'm hugely enjoying the extra dimension being 'awake' has given them, hehe!

I'll be listing these soon in my online shops, perhaps later today - I have one more doll I have in mind to make at the moment, so I'll see how that goes. These two will certainly be added to my Etsy and 'Blog Shop' in any case.

Lots of fun things happening while the Easter break continues - there were 9 'little' cousins, ranging in age from 5 years to 14 years, at my 'Big Sis's lovely Easter dinner on Sunday - it was quite a sight!! Catch up later - Cheerio an Drasda :)

P.S. I'll update this post as soon as the dolls are added to my shops.

Now listed in my Etsy shop :)


theothermousie said...

WOW! They are lovely little ladies - especially the red & black - very very stylish & now! Their faces are beautifully embroidered too - you really ought to wake up more of these!

Hope you are well xx

Biba said...

Goodness, you've been so busy! I'm sure that every moment of your 'being busy' was extremely enjoyable though...

june at noon said...

Aha, you've found a use for the sequins! Very nice. I still like the sleeping beauties, for some reason, but there's no harm in letting a few wake up.;)

florcita said...

such beautiful eyes!!! great work!!!! you are really good with embroidering, aren't you! Gorgeous. Both models, sleeping and awake!
When I saw the small pic of the red one, it looked like an odalisque with the sequins and the big eyes!!!!

janet said...

love the faces..lips are too cute,,,like she is ready to give you a big kiss...;-)

Swirlyarts said...

Now I didn't know that about Harris Tweed - another fact for me to squirrel away! And I love the dolls - the red and black is my favourite I think

arqsymonds said...

beautifull russian dolls!!!lovely matrioskas¿?

日月神教-向左使 said...