Thursday, 16 June 2011

my creative space . . . being methodical again

I'm doing that 'methodical' thing again this week, as I work my way through the list I've given myself for my craft fair stock. I'm hoping to get these, or at least one or two of them, sewn up and stuffed today. My 'tweedie' beach balls are one of my signature pieces so I thought it was only right to include them in my list:) Perhaps they will be added to my online shop soon along with some other new stock, but that will have to wait this week.

I've been doing so much intensive crafting recently that it's been difficult to document it as I go along. Last week I was busy making patchwork cushions with different applique motifs - my little bumblebee finally made his debut appearance! I was quite pleased how he turned out 'on the flat', so to speak - I'm used to stuffing him as a little 'softie'! Hope he doesn't fly off somewhere :)

I used a mixture of zig-zag stitches, straight stitches and hand embroidery for the features. I'm not a whizz at sewing machine techniques, so I . . . er, just 'winged it'! I think it looks OK though, and he seems to be quite happy at the end of the day, which is the main thing :)

Can you believe that I won not one, but TWO giveaway prizes last week??? How amazing is that! One from Tartan Kiwi's lovely blog and the other from Fruitful Fusion's very inspiring blog - I will feature the 'goodies' of course as soon as I receive them. I must have a Giveaway soon myself and have an idea what I will be giving so I'm halfway there - perhaps next week would be good :)

More busy crafty peeps over at this hugely inspiring blog :)


Biba said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your applique cushion - the upper left corner looks totally adorable!

Anonymous said...

hi there, i made the beachball a few years ago and loved it. x

june at noon said...

Being busy with the craft can definitely make the documenting part more challenging. It's all looking lovely!

Sam Findlay said...

Your bumblebee is too cute!

Taylor Made said...

The bumblebee is just so seem to be very busy and I like you method of getting things done - on mass!

florcita said...

that bee is just so pretty!

Claire said...

Love your bumble bee Alison, you did a great job, it's too cute

Wish I could be more methodical as it would make life a lot easier when preparing for a market.

Well done on your giveaway wins, a lovely surprise.

Claire :]