Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Drip, drip . . .

Well, Hurricane Katia, to my knowledge had little impact on us here in the Hebrides, and today all we have is a gentle drip, drip of rain with hardly a breath of wind . . .

No crafty pics to show today, a little pottering about with this, that and the other :) There's a possibility that I'll be doing a few extra hours at the office job for the next few weeks, so I'd better make the most of not having to rush out today - rushing about is my least favourite activity!

More importantly, I'm hoping to make quite a number of my own Christmas gifts this year, which I think I'll really enjoy doing. I didn't particularly enjoy the run up to Christmas last year - it was rushed, a little stressful, and I reached a point where I almost didn't want to take part in it at all! Not good :/

Here's to some chilled out gift and decoration making and perhaps even some edibles?? and a more creative attitude to the whole event :) I have some ideas of a few things I'd LOVE to make, using some of the skills I've learned over the past year. Some fab ideas in my crochet books!

'Speak soon' :) I'm off to make a list, hehe!

P.S. I will of course be continuing with my 'tweedie' making activites and adding items to my shops - this post was completely dedicated to my, ahem, 'spare-time' activities!!! I have some lovely fabric-lining winging its way to me as we speak :)


Florcita said...

I have decided to adopt the same attitude towards the holidays. I do not enjoy rushing alongside another million people, to go buy presents, food and the rest. It becomes more an obligation than something to enjoy.
So...ommmm... start early to have plenty of time... :)

Claire said...

Hey Alison, hope you were able to make the most of your day off.
I find the day usually goes by so fast that it's dinner time before you know it.........

Christmas is only as stressful as you let it get..........so well done for being organised early.

Beautiful sunny day here, perfect for gardening, but just finishing off some odds and sods for the market Saturday.

Claire :}