Saturday, 10 September 2011

(Very belated!) creative space

I've been lying low all of this week with that grotty cold and to add insult to injury, a back sprain resulting from an ill-judged trudge through the heather last Sunday - that'll teach me! Never mind, all better now :)

During a casual phone conversation with my mother-in-law last Thursday, she happened to mention that it is my father-in-law's 80th birthday next Wednesday - eeeeeks!, Oh dear! - no ready cash for a sumptuous gift :( I went online and ordered one of these rather cheesy commemorative birthday cards, but it has a DVD attached with footage of the year he was born which I'm pretty sure he'll enjoy watching. Hey presto, it arrived today - pheeeeeew, my bacon is saved!

While being laid up this week I came across the above photo of my in-laws shearing the sheep beside our house, I think I took it maybe about 5 years ago (behind it is the cheesy '1931' card, hehe!) - the herringbone Harris Tweed in front, which is actually a pencil case inspired me to make his birthday gift today.

Here's a close-up of the sheep shearing photo - I think it's lovely even though I do say so myself!! I gave them the original, larger photo, so I may keep this one for ourselves and frame it.

They were both shearing the sheep again this year, although they really probably shouldn't have been - them old folks, they really will not be told! There are just five sheep, so just about manageable : /

Here's the finished birthday gift I came up with . . .

. . . to explain, it is a set of 3 zippered pouches, the smallest is to fit a passport (he is going on holiday abroad very soon), the middle sized one was supposed to be for glasses but it is a little too long, we've been having a laugh deciding what he should use it for (screwdrivers, chequebook!!), the last large one is a toiletry bag with waterproof lining.

I've no idea how these gifts will be received - if nothing else they'll be a conversational piece and we can explain how he can 'potentially' use them!!

Here's to feeling better and recovering from a bit of a grotty week - I hope my 'little Silver Darling' got to join the shoal in Portree today - wish I could have seen him and attended this fabulous event, but alas . . . Have a lovely weekend all :D


Claire said...

Hey Alison, love the idea of the DVD form the year you were born, that's brilliant and I'm sure it will be watched with great interest.

Your 3 zip pouches are also a brilliant idea and no doubt will be used if not for the intended uses. Tis hard buying or making for older folk..........My aunt is 80 next year, so shall have to start thinking about it now.
Great photo of the sheep shearing session, who's going to take over the job when FIL decided to hang up his shears?

Hope you are feeling a little better now, not much fun being laid low......Hope you are getting a little bit of sunshine to cheer you up.

Claire :}

june at noon said...

I love that they're still shearing sheep. Good for them!

I like to make little suggestions for how people can use things. In my travel wallets I print up cardboard passports and currency from another country and slip them in the appropriate pockets. Maybe a pair of paper glasses and a bottle of shampoo for you? :)

Biba said...

What a great idea for a birthday present! I'm sure your FiL will absolutely adore the pouches ? (I would, anyway...:)

Seaweed and Raine said...

I think the pouches are great! :) I'm sure he will get a good laugh at some of the stuff on the DVD too - laughter being good for the soul and all that. Seeing the photo, I actually thought you were going to say that you covered a photo frame with the tweed and put the photo in it! lol I think I have phot frames on the brain today.