Monday, 5 September 2011

Thistles 'n String

Pottering about today with a snuffly cold and a wonky back (plodding through some peat bogs yesterday wasn't the best idea!!). We had a lovely weekend celebrating Little S's birthday (which is yet to 'officially' happen!!), so I chilled out on Sunday and had a little experiment with a crochet hook and some string - mmmmmmm, interesting results! :)

This led me to thinking about this lovely idea with similar materials which I've seen on other blogs - I like the mixture of nature and craft/art. A little research led me to this fab project too - 'a rock wearing a sweater' - love it! :D

Happy Monday :)


Claire said...

Sweaters for rocks I love them..........have you visited Resurrection Fern blog. Margaret is the queen of crocheted rock covers. She makes some amazing things.

Love your crocheted string motif.....are you going to make more?

Hope you're feeling better ASAP............

Claire :}

june at noon said...

You'll find quite a few decorated rocks on my blog too. It's such a gratifying type of project. :)

I love the string crochet!

Dotty said...

Such amazing pictures. You can sure feel the Autumn comign in those pices.
I love the crocheted string, it looks so unusual.

Claire said...

Hey Alison, just had to drop back and say "How cute are those little cottages?"

Please tell me you've just changed your header pic, I would hate to think I missed it the other day.........If I did miss it obviously, it was your lovely string motif that captured my attention.

Claire :}

tartankiwi said...

I also wanted to compliment you on the cool new croft header. what a great idea to crochet with string and a great result. You're really on a roll with your crochet, keep it up!

Julianna said...

Oh! I'm thrilled you found me, which lead me to see some of your lovely work! Cheers from California! :)