Thursday, 8 October 2009

Back to Blogland!

Well I wasn't choked by the smokey, city air after all and have managed to find my way safely back to the croft! Pheeeew!

I had a lovely time with my two Big Sisters and my lovely nieces - lots of girly chats and plenty of laughs. My sister's flat is in a lovely part of the city beside a beautiful park, so it was lovely to look out on beautiful leafy trees for a change! Not polluted at all, quite the opposite - we managed to take in a movie, did some shopping and and ate lots of lovely home-made meals from a new cookery book I took along with me.

I got back to a few e-mails, one confirming a craft-fair date at the end of November, and the other, an order for Christmas stock from the Gallery shop, so looks like I will be busy over the next few weeks! I was a bit unsure as to which way to go for the Christmas season but it looks like I've got my path clearly marked out for me now, which is great!

Here's a mosaic I took before I left of the moorland beside my home - I've been enjoying some lovely walks here as part of my new healthier lifestyle I'm trying to adopt! Hmmmm, I wonder how long it will last!

Bye for Now! Back to crafty/tweedie posts at the weekend :)


Swirlyarts said...

Welcome back!

Biba said...

Lovely to have you back! I missed your scenic photos of the most beautiful part of the world (have I mentioned before that I am totally IN LOVE with Scotland?).

Chrissie said...

good that your 'city break' has given you new energy for the run-up to Christmas!

florcita said...

She is back she is back!!!
Glad you had a nice time away... every now and then it is nice to leave... adn nicer to be back.
Did you get my email?? hmmmm I think I will contact you via flickr. Nothing major... the package arrived :)

Jennifer Rose said...

welcome back :D

glad you had a good time :)

Karin said...

Welcome back Alison! Good to hear you had such a wonderful time. I look forward to reading your blogposts again :-)

Tweed Delights said...

Thankyou for lovely welcome back - will be catching up on everyone's blogs over the weekend :)

Getting back into the crafty blog groove :D!