Monday, 26 October 2009

Pumpkins and Dinosaurs

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend - I did! I had a few bits and pieces of crafting to do, packaging up some stock for the Gallery shop (it's amazing how long things like attaching labels takes!) and a little order for two dinosaurs for a lovely customer. Not too much to be stressful, but enough to keep me busy - which is exactly how I like it! Here are the little dinosaurs (sorry for poor pic - taken late last night). Made to order from my own website.

I bought this lovely big pumpkin for 'Little S' on Friday - I'm beginning to get attached to it sitting on my kitchen table! It's quite a beauty, isn't it - they're such a fabulous vegetable, really decorative - it's almost a shame to slice into it, but then that's the fun part!

Happy Monday :)

(P.S. If you see anything on my own website you like, but would prefer to purchase via my Etsy shop - just give me a shout and I will set up a Custom Order - easy!)


linda boucher said...

OMG those dinosaurs are fantastic!

And the pumpkin.... aren't you just itching to give him a smiley face? ;)

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks Linda :)! Looking forward to getting 'stuck in'!

janet said...

Hello your product packaging. Your Tweedy website is great..when did you do that? I also love pumpkins, When they start to ret, I throw them in my compost pile and next year they reseed and I have fun watching them grow. I want one of your birds..are they on Etsy?

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Janet - have had my own website for a while now (it's a DIY job by yours truly!). Will send u a DM on Twitter re tweedie birds :)

florcita said...

Those dinos are so sweet!!!
I like that pumpkin turned into soup please! ahahaha can you tell Halloween doesn't exist for my latin head... I see a pumkin I see food...lots of food! :)

janet said...

come for tea and scones anytime! I make a fabulous scone..they are an addiction with them ;-)