Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Inspiring Stuff!

I didn't mean to do a post today, but while taking a photo of a custom order for a lovely fellow blogger/crafter, I used this pear as a prop - I don't know why! It was sitting in the fruit bowl and when I took it out it had a lovely leaf attached, so here it is. I love organic shapes in fruit, nature, flowers, etc - always inspiring.

It's also a good excuse to mention that Mariana (Florcita) has moved here to a fabulous new blog/shop/website - Hurray! Go have a look - fabulous stuff :)

I knew I'd find an excuse to post this pic, hehe!

Happy Tuesday!


Jennifer Rose said...

would make a nice little sketch :)

Tweed Delights said...

It would, wouldn't it? I was just thinking that :) You would do it real justice - pastels perhaps? :)

florcita said...

Oh daaaarrrrling, beautiful picture, yummy pear and...thanks for the link :) I get the feeling that I'm going to lose people along the way in this move ahahaha