Monday, 19 October 2009

Birthday Weekend

Sorry, have been a bit quiet over the weekend - it was teenage son's birthday so we celebrated with a takeaway in the evening which was very yummy (we don't have takeaways very often, so this was our treat). I'd bought a cake but we were so stuffed after the meal that we kept it for Sunday, the day after the birthday.

I took a very nice photo of him with his cake but being a teenager he wouldn't have it on my blog - which is a shame 'cos I can't show him off, Awwwww! I'm in a bit of a cake-free zone at the moment, (much to my family's amusement!!) so I only allowed myself a tiny little slice - honest!

In between celebrating, I made a small start on some 'tweedie' birds for the Gallery shop - work has progressed a little slower than I would've liked but it is school holidays after all! Here they all are ready to be sewn up (by hand), which is the nice part - I can pick them up whenever I have the time, do one or two, here and there, in between hollering at my boys, in the nicest possible way of course, as they're little angels really, hehe! (I don't really holler, well, just a little bit - don't all Moms?!)

Happy Monday :)

P.S. You can count the candles to see how old 'teenage son' is - Aaaargh, I can't believe he's reached that age already - scary!!


Biba said...

Best wishes to your teenager! My boy is eight and he already acts like a teenager anyway, so... I'm happy to hear you had a lovely family celebration! I feared that teenage sons prefer celebrating with their 'mates'!

Tweed Delights said...

He usually celebrates with his 'mates' but they were on hols at the weekend - he had to make do with us instead!! I think he just about coped, hehe :)!

Jennifer Rose said...

happy birthday to teenage son :D getting old...your son not you :)

florcita said...

Happy birthday to him and to you (as it is done in NL. One family member has a birthday, everybody gets a congratulations!). That cake looks goooooood!

Karin said...

Alison, happy birthday to the both of you!

janet said...

I love your little birds...I am such a bird person...may have to treat myself ;-) Thanks for your nice comment about my pink cowl...I am having so much fun rediscovering my chunky yarn and fat crochet hook ;-)