Sunday, 11 October 2009


I happened to pick up a copy of our local rag, the Stornoway Gazette, over the weekend - it was last week's edition so I'd missed it due to my jaunt to the mainland. Who happened to be on the front cover but Mr Luciano Benetton, the Italian fashion guru, meeting with one of the Directors of one of our local Harris Tweed mills.

The two gentlemen looking very handsome in their tweed jackets were posing in an 'impromptu Harris Tweed recreation of one of Benetton's iconic adverts'. So the one weekend I manage to escape for a city break, Mr Benetton happens to be visiting Stornoway - sheeesh! What a missed opportunity, I could have showered him with some of my 'tiny-tweedies', or thrown him one of my beach-balls as a gift! Benetton and Harris Tweed - what a fantastic combination though, I think I'm star-struck!

Back to the real world, I've got a Gallery shop order, and a craft fair coming up - it's time for some good old hard graft!!

Happy Sunday :)


janet said...

Great photo Alison...the angle makes that ball look huge! They are adorable....of course ;-) How rude of Mr, Benetton not to let you know he would be visiting.

florcita said...

Well... fear not dear. I know where his states in Argentina are. Shall we?? ahahaa I'd like to steal a few sheep from him!